Kit for thermoelectric thermometry


It is geared towards the study of thermometric laws, circuits with thermocouples, measurement of the electromotive force, determination of thermoelectric power, commercial thermocouples, compensation wires, serial and parallel associations of thermocouples, differential thermocouple, etc.

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Key Experiments

  • » Conduction, a means of heat propagation (transmission means, heat transfer) - 1052.024A
  • » Convection, a means of heat propagation (heat transfer means, heat transfer) - 1052.024A1
  • » Irradiation, a means of heat propagation (heat transfer means, heat transfer) - 1052.024A2
  • » The influence of color on thermal insulation, black body - 1052.024A3
  • » Some energy transformations (electric, light, thermal and mechanical) - 1052.026A
  • » The thermoelectric laws - 1093.005
  • » Special circuits with thermocouples - 1093.024
  • » The Copper-Constantan thermocouple and the measurement of thermoelectric emf - 1093.046
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