Mechanical wave kit II with sensor and software


It is geared towards the study of issues concerning mechanical waves, longitudinal waves, transverse waves, waves in strings, waves in springs, sound waves, sound, stationary waves in strings and vibrating springs, noise, reverberation, echo, amplitude, wavelength, frequency, period, propagation speed, beating, interference, speed, vibration in plaques, Chladni figures, etc.
Software for real-time audio acquisition for Windows 7/8/10 operating systems. Analyzes FFT (Fast Fourier transform) of signals acquired in real time. Analyzes signal in time and frequency domains.

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Key Experiments

  • » The standing wave on the string A, no tensiometer - 1072.032E_1
  • » Taylor´s expression applied to a vibrating string, with tensiometer - 1072.032E_4
  • » Standing wave in a coil spring, without tensiometer - 1072.032E_6
  • » Sound sources, musical sound, noise, parameters of a sound wave, physiological qualities of sound - 1072.067B
  • » The reverberation of sound - 1072.069B
  • » The audible beat - 1072.072B
  • » Resonance in open acoustic tubes - 1072.074B
  • » Determining the velocity of sound in a closed acoustic tube - 1072.078B
  • » The antinodes and the nodes of the standing wave inside an open tube, with sensor - 1072.079B
  • » The beat phenomenon, with sensor - 1072.080B
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